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Dumping Charts in LINQPad

Erik Meijer and Brian Beckman did a video together on Channel 9 called LINQ – Composability Guaranteed.  The video is good, but in the middle of it Brian showed how to dump charts in LINQPad.  This is awesome!

LINQPad already makes it dead simple to pull data from a DB or an OData feed, or anything for that matter.  Before it was just  another step to graph the data.  Export the data to Excel, then click, click, click, and out pops a nice graph.  Brian showed that going to Excel was unnecessary.  You never have to leave the comfort of LINQPad at all.

With just a little bit of code you can create these types of graphs in the LINQPad result window.  (Copy the code from the forum, or download a copy from here.)






LINQPad supports dumping WinForm and WPF controls directly.  Brian’s first attempt actually spawned new windows, but there’s no need.  Just dump your forms, and LINQPad will do the right thing.  Notice how LINQPad created a new button to hold the dumped WinForm chart.  Every time a WinForm is dumped a new WinForm button is created.


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