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Boston Globe Bibliophiles: Bill McKibben

The Boston Globe has a weekly column where a bibliophile is interviewed.  The article is edited down to include mostly details about what the person is reading.  If you have a hard time finding the next book to read it’s a great source.  Here’s my attempt to collect, and publish the information for the world at large.

Quick Bio: Bill McKibben is a journalist who has dedicated most of his life to fighting global warning.  He became an author on the topic starting in 2007.

"I just read a great novel."

"He’s only written a few books because they are so long…"

"By far my favorite book of last year was Katherine Boo’s."

"There’s a wonderful nonfiction account of Mumbai called."

"Early in my life, [I was drawn to] the America West. I spent a lot of time reading John Muir and Edward Abbey."

"I compulsively read Wendell Berry."

"When I was teaching myself how to organize, the most important document I read was Taylor Branch’s majest three-volume history of the civil rights movement."

There’s a children’s book that was of great help to me.

There are two books in recent times about the fossil-fuel industry that are really important.

NOTE: All of these links have a kickback to me, so manually search if you want to avoid that.

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