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Radio Advertisements

I spend the majority of my time listening to satellite radio, and I highly recommend it.  Unfortunately, I do not have the service in every vehicle.  When I take the other car I listen terrestrial radio, which is full of commercials and advertisements.  I did not realize how bad it was until I started listening to service that has almost none.  It is downright insidious.  I am listening to the music and focused on it – the lyrics, beat, guitar, etc.  I start to get lost in the music and my mind begins to wander.  Eventually, I re-calibrate because I hit a dog (1 point) or an old lady (7 points), and BAMM I am listening to a commercial.  The worse part is I have been stuck listening to one for the past three minutes, and did not even notice.  Straight from War Pigs to buy our latest thermally insulated windows.

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