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dot files – .screenrc

I dislike how the default escape key in screen is Ctrl-a.  When I am using the command line I am constantly moving back and forth within the line being edited.  Hitting Ctrl-a a requires me to stop and think, and by that time I have typed ten keys and caused screen to do something I did not want.  Transposing characters on the other hand is something that I hardly ever do.  Transposing always requires me to stop and think.  Does the cursor go on the first or last character?  I always forget, so I map the screen action key to Ctrl-t t.  This is how.

# .screenrc
escape ^Tt
startup_message off
defscrollback 50000
hardstatus on
hardstatus string "[screen %n]: %?%h%:%t%?"
defhstatus ""

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