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March, 2009:

dot files – .screenrc

I dislike how the default escape key in screen is Ctrl-a.  When I am using the command line I am constantly moving back and forth within the line being edited.  Hitting Ctrl-a a requires me to stop and think, and by that time I have typed ten keys and caused screen to do something I did not want.  Transposing characters on the other hand is something that I hardly ever do.  Transposing always requires me to stop and think.  Does the cursor go on the first or last character?  I always forget, so I map the screen action key to Ctrl-t t.  This is how.

# .screenrc
escape ^Tt
startup_message off
defscrollback 50000
hardstatus on
hardstatus string "[screen %n]: %?%h%:%t%?"
defhstatus ""

Justification by Quotation

Every now and again I am reading an article, and see a famous person’s quote interjected.  The author uses the quote to justify his behavior, actions, thoughts, beliefs, opinion, or to defend his previous article.  I am not sure that if I do not believe in your opinion that Ben Franklin is going to convince me either.  Do try though, I always find the quotes interesting and it does show you are not completely alone.

Read the Source

I am all for reading the source, but I do draw a line.  I collect OSS in my ~/src directory.  Eventually this directory gets too big, and I have no idea why I have these projects in my directory.  I work through them one by one, and try to figure out why I downloaded them in the first place.  I am not sure what the percentage is, but it feels to high – too many projects do not have a README that describes what the source code does.  A one line sentence would be great. This is an Apache WebDAV module.

I invariably think that I can decipher the meaning of the code by reading a few files, but chances are if the developer cannot include a minimal README good luck finding comments.  I am a digital pack rat, and only stand to gain back my valuable space. 

$ rm –rf ~/src # is my friend.

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